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Vegan Friendly Hair Care

Vegan Friendly Hair Care Products

Amazing Natural Fragrance

We love how vegan friendly the world is becoming. We’re seeing products pop up all over the place that are becoming more inclusive and kind towards vegans. Even vegan friendly hair care companies are opening up. The big problem is that their products don’t smell as good as you wish they did, and they don’t leave your hair looking the way you want it to. West Coast Shampoo Bars is the solution to this problem.

We use great-smelling fragrances found from the earth, and we used them to create an eco friendly hair care product. We sell shampoo bars and conditioner bars here at West Coast Shampoo Bars. Our vision is a world that’s filled with vegan friendly hair care, and we view ourselves as the first viable step.

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pH Tested & Quality Controlled

Our products work on all types of hair, and our bars will leave your hair looking shiny and silky, and smelling great. West Coast Shampoo Bars makes a vegan friendly hair care bar that lasts for months and can withstand traveling.

Our soaps are pH tested and made in small batches so we can focus on quality control. We want our products to smell and work great, and we want you to love them. All of our bars are made with all-natural ingredients that are kind on your hair, skin, and the earth.

You can visit us online right now and shop our massive inventory of vegan friendly hair care products. If you find something you like, you can easily check out and have it delivered right to your door. West Coast Shampoo Bars cares about you, and the earth. Shop with us and make a difference.

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