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 "I love them!! The conditioner is amazing ! So moisturizing but not heavy!"

— Lisa M.

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“I love the shampoo bar. My hair feels so soft and has a nice shine” 

— Ashley M.

I have just started using these shampoo bars and love them, it will take awhile to use up some of those huge bottles of shampoo that I already have, but so looking forward to getting rid of them for good. I am finding the quality of the shampoo and conditioner amazing, I have naturally wavy dry hair and have found it difficult to find products that actually work to get rid of frizz. I will be buying this product for years to come, thank you for cleaning up my shower area, and being kind to somewhat unruly hair. I think the cost will be very comparable to salon priced products, I believe they will last as long, possibly longer if taken care of properly. As a side note I have been dealing with a crazy dry patch of skin on my arm, I have started washing the area with your shampoo and then using a special moisturizer and it is now a manageable problem.

— Barb P.

I love my shampoo and conditioner bars. My hair was dry and dull, and after the first use it was soft and shiny. I have been using them for just over two weeks now and my hair looks healthy and happy.

-Lindsay A.

I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for 2 weeks now and I am hooked, my hair is so soft and shiny.

— Jackie D.

love these bars! the shampoo bars leave my hair soft and without any build up and the conditioner bars make detangling easy with my fine, curly long hair. everyone I have given them to loves them as well!

— Laurie F.

I absolutely love the shampoo and conditioner bars! I won’t use anything else now! I have been using them for 6 months now and my hair is looking and feeling a lot more healthy! I love how they are environmentally friendly and seem to last way longer than large bottles of shampoo and conditioner. My sensitive skin is also much more happy with me using these products.

— Sonja C.


The shampoo bars and conditioners are awesome! They leave my hair cleaner and more manageable than more expensive salon brands I have tried. The lather is great and the fragrance is lovely yet not overpowering.

— Debbie W.

I would highly recommend these wonderful shampoo bars and conditioners.I have been using professional salon hair products for years and was amazed that the soap bars and conditioners actually work better. My hair is fuller, softer and in better condition than ever before.

— Patti A.

And, I Love love love the Blossom shampoo bar and the conditioner bar I got from you. I’m thrilled, they are SO much better than the others I’ve tried. My hair feels amazing. I’ve only tried the small orange conditioner bar but I’m hooked!

— Lisa M.

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Other shampoo bars leave your hair sticky and gummy, Westcoast bars leave your hair soft shiny and conditioned like a salon product. I’m allergic to some heavily scented products but theirs are lightly scented.

Lorna M.

Once again this company has surprised me. What a great offer for those bars that aren’t just perfect, Thanks West Coast Shampoo Bars. I have somewhat unruly abused hair curly/wet fuzzy/dry coloured treated. After shampooing and conditioning the huge amount of extra products are no longer needed, not sure what ingredient does the trick, but it is a bit of magic for my hair. Glad to be almost through my stock pile of regular shampoos, the space saving is fabulous, both at home and in the motor home. Just ordered up a few extra bars to have on hand. Thinking these little treasures will be added as Christmas presents this year 🎉🙌🏻

Barb P.

Tried the bars today and love them! My hair is so soft, no frizz. Didn't have to use my hair oil. I have naturally curly hair.

Deb C.

These are wonderful products. Can’t say enough about them. Makes my hair very nice. Very economical. Light when travelling. And zero waste with packages.

Tracey P.

Highly, HIGHLY recommend these!!! I stocked up again and have been using these for the last couple of weeks. I received three compliments on my hair from strangers and two from friends in that time. I have Grey hairs but they’re less textured with these bars, and my scalp feels less dry. Soft, manageable hair is all I have to deal with now, and a little extra attention! 

Kerstin Hunt

I love your shampoo bars the first time I used them my hair was so soft and it finally looks like hair should .Thank you so much for making Shampoo Bars .

Nana Joan

I purchased both the shampoo and the conditioner bars….love love love the shampoo bar and like the conditioner bar…just think I need to try one with more oils in it. Also noted people mentioning that the bars melt away quickly…From my experience this far that has not been the case! They are not cheap but love the next to nothing packaging! And for reference I do/did use quite expensive products Olaplex and these bars hold their own in comparison so far anyways.

Wendy S.

"I used them tonight and I have to say WOW my hair feels amazing and the conditioner bar was excellent. First time I have been able to run a brush through my wet hair and no tangles."
Karen S.

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