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Natural Hair Conditioner

Top Natural Hair Conditioner Bar Company


SLS Free Conditioners 

If you’re looking for a natural hair conditioner bar, you’ll quickly realize what a short supply there is. This is a market that doesn’t have a lot of companies in it. Some of the brands use harmful conditioners or they use ingredients that dry out your hair and leave it smelling weird. At West Coast Shampoo Bars, we pride ourselves in supplying the best natural hair conditioner bars at a great price.

We carry SLS free conditioner bars which is rare. All of our products are created to make for a great experience for our customers. You’ll get a great lather and you’ll be so happy with how shiny and clean your hair looks. Our vegan-friendly natural hair conditioner bars are created from the finest ingredients, and the fragrance is great.


Changing The World
One Bar at a Time

Not only do we use earth-conscious ingredients, but we also don’t use plastic packaging which means less waste on our beautiful planet.

You’ll get months of washing from our SLS free conditioner bars, and you’ll quickly fall in love with them. The good news is we sell our products in our shop and ship directly to you, so you won’t have to go through the heartbreak of running out. In our store, we also sell bundle packages which means more bang for your buck and more hair products for your enjoyment.

If you’re on the go, you can take the shampoo and conditioner with you. Just dry the bar and it’ll be ready to take on the road.

To learn more and get your supply today, visit us online. West Coast Shampoo Bars wants to change the world and change how we view hair care, one bar at a time.

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