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Hair Care that is Good For Your Hair & The Environment

Our Best Sellers

Individually formulated bars for all hair types

Gift Basket of shampoo bars and conditioners
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Our bars are hand made
small batches

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PH tested to ensure that each bar will leave your hair at its best.

No more bad hair days with these bars that are gentle on your hair and on the planet!

Our handmade shampoo bars create a luxurious foamy lather that leaves your hair bright and shiny. We offer a variety of bars crafted from quality ingredients for normal, oily, fine or dry hair. All our products are salon grade, PH balanced, SLS free and free of plastic packaging which makes them the perfect addition to an eco-friendly hair care routine. Great for at home and on the go!

Each shampoo bar lasts about 40 to 55 washes depending on your hair. By using two bars you save 3 to 4 bottles from the landfill!

We Recommend

Shampoo Bars With Clay

Cleanses and detoxifies your hair. Contains Cocoa Butter for it's nourishing and softening qualities
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Down to Earth Shampoo Bars
French Clay Shampoo Bars
Clay Detox Shampoo Bar