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The Finest Natural Ingredients For Your Hair

Why is it so hard to find handmade conditioner? A lot of people offer DIY shampoo or soap, but where’s the conditioner? Even worse, it’s almost impossible to find a good conditioner online. It seems like all you can find are the big brands that are contributing to the waste problem we have in the world. Thankfully, West Coast Shampoo Bars is here to help.

West Coast Shampoo Bars is a company that makes eco friendly and handmade conditioner and shampoo bars. We have options for straight, dry, curly, dyed, and combination hair. Our scents are derived from the earth, but they also smell amazing: Lavender, citrus, orange blossom, and cocoa butter, to name a few.

We use the finest ingredients that help wash your hair while still keeping the environment in mind. We don’t have plastic bottles or packaging that lead to the global waste problem, and we don’t include hard to pronounce chemicals that hurt you.

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Gentle On Your Hair
Kind To The Environment

Our line of West Coast hair conditioner is friendly to your hair, skin, and the earth. There aren’t a lot of companies that can say that. Additionally, our products are all conveniently sold online and shipped directly to you to keep things easy. If you want to save the earth, you need a West Coast hair conditioner, sold only from us, West Coast Shampoo Bars.

For a brand of good homemade conditioner bars that are available online, check out West Coast Shampoo Bars. Visit our site to see which promotions we’re running. You might qualify for free shipping on your order.

Gentle on your hair and kind to the environment. West Coast Shampoo Bars is available online for purchase. Join our mailing list and learn more or contact us today to see how we can help you!